Making the guy you want chase you…

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  1. Caseydilla says:

    Love it Mike. The analogies. Love Em’. Well I’m sure you already knew that. Meow. Lol.

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  2. anonymous ;] says:

    hahahahah loveee. more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Sha says:

    This is good stuff. Thanks for the insight. I have been wanting a man to spell it out.

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  4. Sassyfrass says:

    Guys always enjoy chasing me, but once they “get” me, they lose interest :(

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  5. Sassygal says:

    My problem is, after they stop chasing me, their interest is gone. :(

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  6. sillybee says:

    Okay…I’m 42 and I’ve been divorced for almost 3 years. I’ve been on a couple dates and they have not turned out. I keep thinking is that all that’s out there??? They turned out to be kind of creepy. However, I moved and joined a gym in the new town I’m living in. When I signed up I was instantly attracted to the owner of the gym. I almost told him he had the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. OMG! Do I say that? Anyway, I’ve had a few conversations with him, just small talk. I can’t pick up on if he’s interested. Is he not because he’s the owner? If he is, does he not want to show it because he’s the owner? I don’t want to ask him out because if he says no I still have to go in there to work out and he’s there every single day! I really like this guy and I’m not sure what to do?? Any advise for me??? Please help. I’m really attracted to this guy and like his personality, what I know of it anyway. How do I go about this?

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  7. Colette says:

    Love it. Guilty. Meow.

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  8. Anamika says:

    This Post made me remember of my College Days. There was this hot Guy almost every girl wanted. Many girls pursued him… showered him with attention and praise. But the Guy had eyes only for me because I did not show any interest on him when almost all girls were falling at his feet. I made him chase me for long and did not give in as I seriously did not want to complicate my life when I needed to concentrate on my studies. But finally I gave in but the relationship did not last anyway.
    Anamika´s last blog post ..Top 5 Reasons why People Stay in Abusive Relationships

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  9. bluebell says:

    too funny!! and too true!!! I am currently involved with this guy who seriously is like begging me to play coy and let him chase…. i’m very good at the game but honestly get sick of it. We’ve been playing for 2 months and now he’s really asking to chase… so I’m going into prey mode. he’s all jealous I go out with other guys, he’s flipped out a few times, poured his heart out to me, then acts all tough again, comes onto me wants nudie pix and I refuse repeatedly and he gets all frustrated and then tries again later… he’s cute though and i’m pretty sure we are in love or something and has as much as told me that wants this to be serious thing and is committed, he just wants me to play and let him chase a lot longer… lol whatever… men!!

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