25 signs to know, he is NOT into you – part 2

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  1. PrincessT says:

    What a great list! It’s funny how some girls can justify almost anything a guy does… why?!
    .-= PrincessT´s last blog ..cohabitation =-.

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  2. Mike Masters says:

    Guys can be pretty bad too if they are smitten. It bums me out that I have done this too. I have been someones beaten dog, more than happy to crawl back to them.

  3. Alexandria says:

    So what happens when he does a quarter of the he’s not into you list and almost half of the he is into you list… what say you to that? how is a girl supposed to know….

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  4. Michelle says:

    Okay I came across your site because last night I got into a huge argument with this guy I liked and then it came up nice. He told me I should try calling him and so I called him and his phone is disconnected and I haven’ heard from him. I know I am just being stupidly paranoid but how long do I wait until he contacts me? He told me he’s not a villain my friend said he was (which is what we got into the fight for in the first place) and that he did care about me but he doesn’t know enough ABOUT me to date me yet. That part is understandable but the not hearing from him isn’t. Is he taking a breather from the argument/confessional last night?

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    • Mike Masters says:

      I hate to say it Michelle but if he doesn’t have to talk to you again, he probably wont.
      I am assuming that the two of you had sex, you wanted more, you got into a fight about it and now he wants to nothing to do with you.
      SEX does not = Relationship

  5. Yumi says:

    Thanks for the list Mike…

    Time to throw out a couch……..

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  6. Ladeegreenii says:

    What a martyr!

    Throwing yourself under the bus like that and offering to assist all the broken-hearted women with mild sex addictions…..where do I sign up? (Though, I’m not too sure mine would be classified as “mild.”)

    Seriously, nice posts; thanks for your honesty!!

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  7. EvilAmgel says:

    Hi. Ok so my BF of 14 months broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. I was heartbroken. 2 days afterwards i had to stay at his cos i had got a new job and couldnt get home after work so we had organized for me to stay at his. Since then it’s been like we are still in the relationship, just without the title of girlfriend and boyfriend. Sex is still the same, he drives out to get me from work at 10.30pm on the nights he isnt working and i get a lift with him wen he his (we work in the same place) He hasnt told his family and he doesnt want me too, we talk the same (minus one or two things), he still holds me wen we are going to sleep… wat should i think of this?? Cos it is confusing the absolute shit outta me. Wen i ask him how he feels and wat he thinks about certain things he sits and thinks for awhile then says he doesnt know…but i know he does…he doesnt want me to know something…

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  8. soniasmall says:

    I would only like to add few more tips:

    Offering help – If the guy offers to help you with something, like really excitedly “Hey, I can help you with that!” that is also a sign that he likes you. He wants to do something nice to you, to help you out, it’s also pretty obvious – no?

    Carries on conversation – Have you noticed that he sometimes wants to just extend a conversation that has led to a dead end? If he really doesn’t want to end the talk and comes up with new topics, ideas, jokes, and if you determine that he does it deliberately – you’re right – HE LIKES YOU :)

    Not mentioning other women – This can be a pretty clear giveaway. If he normally talks about women and mentions his female friends but when he talks to you – he doesn’t – then that can be a sign. Why does he do that? Well he just does not want you to think that he might like any of those girls… It’s weird, but guys do it subconsciously…

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  9. anna says:

    my guy friend confused the heck out of me. we talked constantly but we both knew we were just friends. then i kinda accidently freaked out on him because for some reason he thought it was okay to ditch me the one night i finally got to hangout the first weekend after i got home after my sister died. i saw him maybe ten minutes total that night and was by myself the rest. then after this he just stopped talking to me that sunday outa the blue. i found out from his friend that he was wierded out and wanted space and started dating some1 too. the some1 he kept ditching me to see all night. its been around 2 weeks idk what to do. he was a good friend then he did this. help please. should i wait and see if he gets over this or just try and 4get him?

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  10. Melvina says:

    Interesting article Mike!
    What about a guy you haven’t dated yet, but he asked you out. This guy asked me out and we planned a date, but he cancled because of something that came up. He asked me afterwards several times for a new date, but this time i couldn’t so i cancled. This went on for a time and now he doesnt contact me anymore. I mean what’s up with that? Doesnt he like me anymore?


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  11. Anonymous says:

    I have a question.. There’s this guy.. I’ve known him for almost 5 months and everytime we hang out, it is wonderful. We get along so well and it’s like our minds are connected. The way we met is a story in itself.. Anyways, he has been going through slot of terrible things lately. I feel maybe I’ve become too avaiable for him or he feels that way. We both have commitment issues and trust issues, but I don’t usually text him first. I don’t text him unrealistic amounts of time to get his attention. I keep my dignity. But I’m just wondering I maybe he is losing interest, then what ways would I go about getting him back? I don’t really even know if I want him back because I’m afraid of committing.. But nonetheless, I would like any advice you may have. Thank you for your time.

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  12. Mrs.Birdman says:

    I am reading some of the comments from women asking advice about their situations and I am literally cringing. I swear I am not just a giant asshat who thinks she’s better than they are. It just turns out that eventually you start paying attention to the cues a man is really giving you. Eventually you stop rolling them up in a blanket of excuses as to why he continues to be a great guy who isn’t able to give you what you need just yet, and start seeing him (and the situation) for what it truly is. Life gets so much SMARTER when you figure this out. Knowing for sure that a man is not into you will save you so much time and wasted heartache. I really hope some women read this and consider it. Imagine if life could be so much easier and better than it is now? It can, and it will be if you learn this.

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  13. Lynn says:

    I have this guy a see occasionally . I’m always the one to contact him first. But when I do he always carries the convo, we meet up. Go out , most of all have sex. He’ll begin to text me first. But if I stop contacting him he won’t contact me. Then two months later I contact him again and the cycle begins again , this has been going on for a year and a half .. I guess I should move on.

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  14. Crystal says:

    I met a guy online by accident, totally was not looking. We start talking and hit it off and exchanged pics. He was sooo in to me. Telling me that he may have fallen in love at first sight, etc. He told me I was the one. Texted me night and day for a week. Wanted me to come visit him for a weekend, then just fell off the face of the map. I texted him a few times over 3 days and have heard nothing. I can understand if he was playing me, but would he not have waited until after he got a weekend of sex before breaking it off? I am sooo confused!!!! He was the one who was fast and heavy and now just crickets…..

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