How to text a Girl? – Cocky funny and other strategies

by Mike Masters on January 24, 2009

What to text a girl?

Most guys are a little nervous to break the ice and drop a text to a girl that they just met. This is very valid concern! However, if you follow a few simple rules and techniques you will be able to create a stupid amount of attraction.

Getting her number

1. Get the number, “you seem pretty cool, what is your number so I can send you a text later.” (This is said with a pretty strait face as if I am doing her a favor)

2. After she says okay, I hand her my phone to put in the number (this is a power move, showing that I would rather her do the work)

3. After that I take my phone back and immediately call her, “that’s me, maybe I will send you a text later.” (Now is about the time I bail)

(An alternative strategy that is often easier is to get her Facebook info, this can be incredibly powerful)

Ice breakers

If you don’t know what to text a girl right of the bat, why not start with something simple? There really is no need for a line, we are just getting to know each other. What a lot of guys don’t realize is that a woman that gives her number to a guy is usually chaffing at the bit to hear from him. So, he doesn’t necessarily have to kick ass right off the bat.

Let’s assume that she gave you her number and you were smart and DIDN’T TEXT HER RIGHT AWAY! Lets be a bit patient and wait a minimum of two days. (I usually tell the girl to wait three day minimum because us guys are a lot more clueless) After the two days you are welcome to drop an opener.


If she is into you, we can say things like:

  • Hey, how’s it going? This is Mike from the other night (Yes that simple is okay)
  • Hey cutie! What’s up?
  • Just thought about you tonight, how’s it going? (okay, very simple right? But now lets get a little more complex)

If you are not sure if she is into you we are going to be a little edgy:

  • Hey, this is Mike, and I was wondering who’s number this is? (this is funny, and funnier if she knows you are messing with her)
  • Hey drunk girl, this is Mike from Friday
  • This is Mike, I was waiting for you to text me! What happened? (Very cute)

Let’s keep it relativity simple with the responses unless you are really good at being cocky and funny

*She’s not texting you back? Not very into you? Doesn’t follow you around like a homeless puppy??? FIX THIS NOW!*
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Cocky funny

Want to know How to text a girl? This is one of the best ways I can think of! One thing that guys and girls really don’t understand is that intelligence is really really attractive. So we are going to be as witty as we possibly can and season it with a little bit of “cocky” this will be a delicious meal few women pass up. (Girls will deny this vehemently)

Cocky funny has been one of the most powerful texting tools I have ever used but it is also one of the most difficult to master. Make sure that you are as cautious as possible when starting this type of interaction. If you are not used to being cocky funny you could bite off more than you can chew very very quickly. This is why texting is such a great vehicle for practicing this technique.

A couple of examples:

  • I really want to meet a girl as cute as you but a little more intelligent (Dangerous, but if done right excellent)
  • I know you can be wittier than that, try again!
  • You are so cute when you nose wrinkles like that
  • It is amazing how much you remind me of my little sister

I want to stress that cocky funny in a text needs to be done with taste. This is not an opportunity to make fun of a girl for true insecurities. This is an opportunity for you to show your wit and intelligence! Only the idiots get a woman into bed by trashing her ego, and I know you are not an idiot right?

Make her feel safe before mentioning anything sexual

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, who is also a dating blogger and possibly a bigger man-whore than I am. I mentioned how I like to drop sexual bombs on women totally out of the blue. He laughed and said, “I know exactly what you mean, you create comfort and then when they don’t expect it you sneak in a little sexuality.” I responded, “YES! That is exactly what I have always done, create the comfort first then slip the attraction in.”

After this conversation I realized that I text the same way I talk. I tease, have fun, joke and maybe drop something slightly sexual. I use about a 6:1 ratio max. What a lot of guys don’t realized when they text a girl is that 90% of women have a quarter of the sexual thoughts they do. Not only that, but if you show that you intention is sexually driven it will push them away to the same extent. This doesn’t mean that women aren’t as horny, it only means that you need to fucking control yourself. If she doesn’t rise to your sexual bait,  it is time to change the subject.

Trust me on this one guys, I have been laid more than most Rock Stars and fastest route to a woman’s vagina is NOT through texting her dirty stuff.

Texting is the easiest way to get her into your bed NOW!

Guys, texting is such a gift. You have time! You don’t have to fumble over your sentences while you try to be cool in person. Let me walk you through how I use texting to get tons of women into my bed or that really amazing girl into a relationship. I know you can improve massively on this aspect of your game and what will it cost you? The price of a movie? Dude, isn’t getting that particular girl worth it???
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