Negative unsustainable sexual tension – Karaoke Box – Part two

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  1. michele says:

    This story is hot. And, it’s also a learning experience. For a variety of reasons – the incredible sexual chemistry, excitement, danger and of course fear. The obvious is the sexual chemistry. Not much to explain there. Same with the excitement – a ‘relationship’ such as this one is full of the dizzying electricity and crazy emotions.

    The danger and fear…This is a whole other level that some people never experience. If you do, it’s beyond comprehension. It’s gut wrenching but yet exhilirating all at the same time. You can be vulnerable and scared yet you crave more and more. It takes you to your most basic depth of self and leaves you there (both in a good and bad way). It makes you question love, life, sex, motivation, everything. The hope is that you can pull yourself from this depth to see clearly what it does to you deeply and understanding what it is you want out of life’s next relationships.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Wow, what an awesome comment!
      So true, about the danger and fear. It is amazing to me that this is hardwired into our sexual system. I very believe that controlled “negative/unsustainable” sexual tension can be used to stimulate a relationship.
      It is flirting with danger but to cut that excitement totally out of the bedroom would be a tragedy.


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