1% of the population is clinically psychotic

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  1. jadednotfaded says:

    Moral of the story: stop messing around with people whom you already know are not going to be able to handle a one night stand.
    It’s okay for men to assume responsibility for their behavior, regardless if its their limbic mind or making conscious choices; BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT U PUT OUT!
    Maybe I might for a moment feel sorry for you for creating this shitty situation.
    What is psychotic is to make the choice to fuck a young girl you have no intention on spending any additional time with, then act confused when this girl exacts a mirrored reaction from her own limbic brain. She was hungry, you provided just enough food then went away with the food and yelled at her and threatened her for being hungry again. She is not evil for being hungry (needy). There could be evil interpreted in dangling food in front of the hungry then running away when the hungry is fucking serious about being fed again.
    I don’t think I am reading between the lines when I notice that the tone of this story seemed to vilify this young and confused woman. Why so heavily biased on her side yet light and breezy when it comes to the guy making a fool of her in front of his friends? This story does nothing to help the gap between men and women understanding each other. I don’t know what I am to ‘get’ from this. How does this post help me grow and mature and better understand guys and cut them more breaks and not continue to think “what a bunch of assholes!”(?)

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Ummmm… did you actually read the post? or are you just stupid? I see that you read my Bio and you wonder how this can raise well being? Sometimes I just write funny stories and even from these people can learn.

      Why would you assume she was a young girl? (She was 28) and why would you assume that I was taking advantage? (It was certainly a mutual exchange)

      You are ridiculously wrong on all accounts and although I aggressively tell people they are responsible for what comes into their life. I cannot fault them for breaking their leg on a patch of ice. I could not see what-so-ever what a lunatic Monica was, and how incredibly unstable. Monica was this metaphorical ice and in an attempt to break my fall I put out my arm (yelling at her on the phone) unfortunately the ground was too hard and Monica too insane, it broke my arm.

      So… am I trying to heal something here? No not at all, it was entertainment only and any sane person (not you) would see that I stumbled on to a hilarious uncontrollable situation.

      But FadedandJaded, feel free to comment again, I would be happy to expose the pain you think men are responsible for. Or an alternative, read my blog and learn something.


      • K.E. says:

        Hi Mike,

        Having read the story, as well as a lot of the replies, I have to say this (as a an avowed feminist female):

        Ladies, please learn about the downside of how your own oxytocin affects your romantic interactions – and get a grip!!

        The male side of this is: my friend’s dad told him, “Son, if you don’t want a relationship with a woman, don’t sleep with her.” In those days, they didn’t know about oxytocin – we could only witness its destructive post-casual-coital effects.

        So, yeah, she went waaaaaaaay overboard – 28 or not, she just was just NOT equipped for casual sex – but she didn’t know that – and neither did Mike.

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    • Ben says:

      Dearest JadedNotFaded,
      Thank you for your insightful comment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Through this post I feel like we’ve grown closer. When I read your words, I know you are speaking directly to me. You’ve looked into my heart and found the real me. We have touched each other with our words. I know we’re sharing something special. I know you love me.. and yes, I love you too.

      So why haven’t you called me?!? I’m waiting for you! I’ve told my parents about you. You’ve made a promise to me with your words and that promise needs to be kept. Love me. LOVE ME!!! LOVE MEEEE!!!

      Oh, and remember, this situation is YOUR fault. Take responsibility for your actions. You know what you’re doing to me. You should have seen this coming as you let your delicate fingers stroke the keyboard. You know that drives me crazy.

      I will think of you always.
      Your Secret Admirer,

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  2. jadednotfaded says:

    Dear Mike the Master-Bater,
    My sanity or lack thereof does not hinge on whether I agree with your take on this tale of fucking girls then ditching them and wondering why they won’t go away.
    I think the first clue would have been when she grabbed you crotch to see what you we’re packing. This forward gesture is a sign of a desperate need for much more than a roll in the sack with a stranger. This may have been foreboding, to those taking the time to assess a situation before jumping in, of a not so good outcome.
    You are right that I assumed incorrectly that she was young, I did base that on your side of the story. She came off as immature and desperate, usually the actions of a younger woman, not yet sure of herself. For this I take responsibility and I apologize for misconstruing it in my mind, then in my comments on your story.
    I do read your blog and have learned lots, your skilled insights and wealth of knowledge of both sexes is obvious. This tale in particular was just embarrassing. Mostly for her, but for you as well. Of course it is okay to write stories that are just funny or embarrassing, I just didn’t like this one. It was biased. I opined on something I read on the internet, which happens to be your blog, I’m not wrong. It is an opinion.
    That being said, I didn’t mean to come off cunty, which I have seen from other people’s posts is unusual. Most lick your scrot at any and every opportunity.
    In conclusion, don’t hate cuz I didn’t love what you said, it was one instance in a mostly appreciative perusing of your blog.
    PS: very witty to change my name, well played sir.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Is Ontario really that cold to produce such an angry miserable person?
      I won’t even read your retort, too tedious.
      Maybe someone else would care to respond to you.
      P.S. Mikethemasterdater is a play on masterbater, it is to make people laugh and remember. So… not so well played on your part.

  3. RockinItMyWay says:

    Mike – How old are you? 38? REALLY – When are YOU going to grow up? Guy’s like you are the reason alot of Asian women think Americans are A-holes. This story just shows proof of it.
    I agree with JADEDNOTFADED – you took advantage of a girl’s weak mental state just to get your dick wet and see how much torment you could dish out before “she went crazy”. Did you lead her on??? I’m sure you did.
    From reading your blogs, you play yourself as a Don Juan. Is the reason you left Japan because it got around you are a Man-whore and the Japanese people got tired of you taking advantage of women there? And now you are in Vietnam cause you figure the women there are easier and stupid? I know SOOO many guys (like you, who think they are Play-Boy’s) who go to asia for women….cause they can’t get a woman in America.
    Anyways – I guess we all know who is going to end up being the ol’ Creepy White Guy that can only get sex with little girls in foreign countries.

    FYI – i’m 28, Have a REAL Job and have a Beautiful Asian Woman who takes care of me…cause she wants to.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      If I had a “real” job I would fucking kill myself but I suppose being retired at age 38 is taking its toll.
      Whew… too much drinking and too many women!
      I need to grow up!

      Oh… and you are a douche bag…

      • RockinItMyWay says:

        Really Mike??? So you consider living in a 3rd world country, getting drunk all the time and banging little girls and selling your books for $.99 a retirement?
        I Bet your mom and dad are SO proud of their LITTLE boy.

        And douche bag??? come on…i’m sure you know Bigger words than that right?

        Ohh and another thought – If you are such a great Master Dater, Why can’t you land “The One”? Why ARE you still single?

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        • Mike Masters says:

          This definition from the Urban Dictionary seemed apt.

          Douche Bag:
          1. An object used for vaginal hygeine.
          2. A moron that doesn’t think before he/she speaks or acts.
          3. One with an undescribeable idiocy, stupidity, totally lacking in social skills.
          4. One with an intolerable personality.
          5. Personified by Iniquity, that constantly trolls forums, blogs. He is a smack talker filled with a false sense of self worth
          6. I would also like to add, Coward. You think hiding behind the net makes you tough? Put your name down, let me see your facebook, better yet give me your phone number and I would be happy to give you a call.

          In answer to your slanderous statements:

          I love and live with my 32 year old girlfriend
          My family is shocked that I am retired and want to know how I did it
          I have nearly 20 different sources of passive income, and am on track to break 6 figures in under a year
          I haven’t had sex with a girl under 28 since I was 30
          Oh, yes… I do drink too much, tons of friends, GF owns a bar… what can you do?

          So clearly you have no idea who I am or what I do, and I have no more patience for you or your friends. Slanderous comments will go directly to the trash from now on.

  4. SlyFox says:

    She wasn’t a nutter. She just didn’t like being so wanted one day and then indifference the next. Then when she wanted to be heard, she got angry with the shut down. She sounded delusional, in conflict with herself in terms of second guessing herself. She wasn’t having a dialogue with you but a battle with herself having issues with self respect and boundaries. People who are extreme in nature subconsciously enjoy the adrenaline fuelled drama high on the intensities of their emotions. You may not consciously want to encounter that intensity but even at your end it can still be thrilling even for a second to think that someone is that affected by you and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit you enjoy the attention and this control over someone – control in the sense that you tuned in, found the frequency and escalated it until it blew then you no longer control it and it scares you a little and you want it over.

    Is it her fault? Is it your fault? Like attract like. If you are not playing the role of crazy,
    the other is. Both of you are dancing the dance. Intense drama can be an addictive

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Ah… an intelligent comment.
      Um, I would normally agree with you but there simply was not enough interaction for us to have a drama, it was one sided only.

      Like attracts like? We had one night of drunken sex, and once again not enough interaction.

      Not a nutter? if you spent one night with a man would you think it is acceptable to be a force five clinger?? Take a look at her texts again and remember that this was in response to an auto reply NOT from me.

      Later I found out that she tried to pull the same thing with a friend of mine but he only got 50 calls and 20 texts, fortunately for him he never slept with her.

      Intense drama can be fun but if it was something I wanted I actually would have interacted with her. The time she slapped me was when I confronted her for threatening my female friends with a fork. Once again, not a nutter?

      So maybe this story does not belong a blog that is focused on relationships maybe I will take it down.

      It did quite well on my friends blog, not one negative comment.

      • K.E. says:

        Feminist here 😉

        Yes, calling / texting someone 25 – 50 or 100’s of times is (at the very least) out of control, whether male or female.

        Re: Mike’s story above – It was a one night stand. She didn’t realize she wasn’t cut out for it. In fact, he suspected it before she did – afterwards. Her calls and texts showed an immaturity where she was unable to resist her impulse to contact him when she felt (oxytocin) withdrawl (the addictive kind.)

        I myself do not think one night stands work very well for women a lot of the time, but women still do them (hey, I did too sometimes) – and if you’re too into the guy, and he’s just in one-night-stand land, you’re going to feel bad about it. Guys being more testosterone-driven, it’s pretty safe to start with the assumption that most guys are coming from an uncommitted perspective. Dating and sex 101, even if you skipped class.

        Since women have a lot more bonding chemistry than men do (oxytocin, vs. testosterone) they’re going to bond a lot quicker than guys over sex.

        So ladies, before you go blaming men for everything here, stop and check out oxytocin’s role in female psychology (and orgasm). If you don’t think he’s serious about a relationship and you might be, don’t sleep with him. And if you do one night stands, please stop getting so upset if he doesn’t call, or if he’s just not that into you.

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  5. JL says:

    Great Post! Looking to trap Mr Right with a one night stand…piss idea! I hope she figures it out before someone ends up hurting her physically. I know that you put a funny spin on all of this…but there are so many women out there like her. I think a few of the other comments came from women who have done the same (we all have atleast once.maybe not to that extreme) How can you feel sorry for someone who obviously puts themselves in the same situation repeatedly with the same outcome? Keep posting!

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Hi JL
      Yeah clearly women that are commenting negatively on this post are dragging some sort of personal pain out of themselves. This story is so far removed from what anyone is assuming I am honestly shocked. And they guy? Jealous as SIN… hahaha.

      Glad you enjoyed the story though, I thought it was one of the strangest, funniest experiences I have ever had with a woman. 450 phone calls? After one night with me?? Hey, I am good but obviously something was broken here.

  6. First off, as a woman, I was not in the least bit offended by this post. Did anyone even read the part where she went up to him first and grabbed his cock? At 28 years old, she should know the consequences for such actions. Grabbing a man by the balls does not exactly show that she was looking for anything substantial either. If she did think that was going to happen, she is an idiot. I’m sure she’s been hurt in the past and blah, blah, blah but so have we all. If you don’t learn from your actions then sometimes you deserve what you get. Let’s not forget that he politely asked her leave at first. He didn’t intentionally try to embarass her. She put herself in that position. How can we blame Mike for the actions of this woman?

    To put all the blame on Mike for trying to make an amusing spin on something that was potentially awkward for all parties involved is ludicrous. He was simply putting into word the thoughts that were going through his head and that’s why the internet is such a glorious thing; he can post whatever the fuck he wants and anyone that reads can either like it or hate it.

    I’m not directing this comment towards anybody in particular and I’m sure I’ll get slammed for not joining the lynching but I’m not so sure that such anomosity should be directed only towards Mike in this situation. He was dealing with a woman close to 30, not a teenager.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      MMM as always you rock, the world would be such a better place with more people like you in it. Granted, there would probably be a vodka shortage.

      Thanks for seeing in this post what I thought was painfully obvious.

    • Bree Talon says:

      I have to agree with you Melisa Mae, I got a kick out of the story too. They were both consenting adults – she came onto him, he accepted. As women, we’ve all had experiences that didn’t turn out the way we’d hoped, sometimes we don’t feel proud of our behavior in hindsight, but hopefully we learn something. Hopefully this girl gets some mental help or finds someone who can give her what she needs, though her agressive come-on behavior makes it seem unlikely. Sounds like a disconnect between what she needs and how she goes about getting it.
      As for Mike, he owned that he didn’t handle things correctly – which is pretty honest and self-reflective – and what I took the point of the article to be: that sometimes we go through some crazy shit with people and in the long run it helps us appreciate and get what we really do want.
      I never learned anything the easy way. Just saying.

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  7. Simplyamazed says:

    Seriously, you may need to talk to a professional (and I do not meet your hookers). It appears your insecurtities are causing you to use sex to hurt women. That is just not cool. Whether you think it is cool or not, people have feelings. Don’t use people for your own pleasure, didn’t your mother teach you about things like that?

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    • Mike Masters says:

      My god… how did everyone’s IQ drop so low???
      If you are going to argue it might be a good idea to have a fact or two?

    • Anonymous says:

      good grief…what a moron…apparently people have already decided what they want to think about Mike before they even began to read this story, and were already deciding what to write before they read the last line. closed minded, and Im a friggin woman who can definitely see what he is trying to convey

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  8. Queenie says:

    Bahahhaha. I totally got sucked in by the title, it tickled me. What’s the deal with everyone getting their thongs in a wad? I almost spit juice on the screen after reading those texts.

    Comedy Gold, imo.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Yeah that was a little strange wasn’t it?
      What I think happened is I pissed off the first commentor and she put the word out on twitter or FB and a bunch of sycophants came too her rescue. Too bad none of them were intelligent enough to make a valid argument.


      Yeah that was pretty funny, what people miss that I should have added was this commentary is in order without me ever commenting back. So you can see her mood oscillate day to day completely independent of me. One day she loves me and the next I am “asshole man!”

      Not crazy?? She’s a fucking loon.

  9. Queenie says:

    I kind of figured it was a ‘clan’ of people who already had their mind made up before they even read the post…if they even did. I like the way you handled it and how you allowed the comments to be posted instead of deleting them, makes for good tv! Carry on, my friend and stay away from the psychotic snatches, we’re a dime a dozen!

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  10. Terry D. says:

    ROTFLAO – I stumbled in here from Jamies Blog and this is what I fell over – You slay me!!!!! The last time I ran into such a crazy is more than 30 years ago but I remember it vividly and still cringe a bit imagining my pals yelling “incomming” every time the phone rang. Ahhhh life – As for the haters, they find their own way to hell so no need to facilitate. Fact is there are crazy people in this world and without them things might be a little boring. I mean really, one crazy bitch, one night of insane fucking and a thousand stories to tell – how cool is that?

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  11. Okay…so the comments are lengthy (congrats mike 😉 and I don’t have time to read them all so here’s hoping there’s no overlap.

    Unless this chick was under the age of 18…Mike owes the chick nothing. And if she was under the age of 18…gross…and gross and subsequent situation is poetic justice. I’m going to assume she wasn’t for the time being. That being said…people have to look out for themselves. Does every dude I ever didn’t give my number to after boning deserve a box of chocolates and a hug? Do I for anytime a boy ever cancelled a date or wasn’t that into me? No. This is…ya know…real life. +++ Aw crap just scrolled up and saw Mike say she was 28 (a mere year younger than me)…so she was 100% prepared to know what the fuck was going on *grabs Mike’s crotch*

    Sure it was probably a dick move. Sorry Mike but I’m guessing by the fact that your first thought was even to ask “are you in love with me” that you saw it (perhaps not the full extent of the crazy but at the very least…a little bit) coming. But that being said. Who cares? People are dicks all the time. That being said…it’s not like this chick was all like read me poetry and let’s talk about life and tell me your greatest fears and then he banged her and was like…get out…she grabbed his fucking crotch (and I kind of assumed in public?) I mean shit, son. Get serious.

    Finally…I’m pretty sure Mike’s not looking for sympathy. The fact that he posted this for Melisa is a pretty clear indication that it wasn’t an “advise me, pity me, whatever” type post. And knowing Melisa’s blog and having a brain…I sort of assumed it went like this….

    Hey Melisa…look/listen to these messages (or here’s the story of this one time…)
    She rolls on the floor in laughter.
    You have to post this!!!! ahahaha You have to tell people!!! ahahaha So funny ahahah!!
    Or something like that.

    Top Notch as usual.
    **PSizzle…you know I say it was a dick move with love right 😉

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    • Mike Masters says:

      I love how so many people reacted to the war brought on by one person.

      “Dick move” You know I am going to have to react to that but I will do it as honestly as possible. Yes, I had no doubt I was meeting a soul mate, but… lets be fair. Guys tend to get a lot of bad press simply because they have a penis. I find girls do many of the same things but are much better at sweeping it under the carpet.

      For example, here in Saigon there is something the foreign girls call “dredging” It means when there are no decent Western guys (since they are usually tied up with Vietnamese girls) they try to find cute young backpackers to prey on. “After all,” said my friend Jo, “Some lips can’t lick themselves.” (if you didn’t get that, take a second. Well worth the laugh)

  12. haha at first I was like…why is he making it a gender issue boy vs. girl…then I realize I brought it on with my own gendered comment. By “dick” move I actually didn’t mean anything specifically male. I meant more along the lines of anybody…having sex with someone they can logically see…would be likely unable to handle it…is being a dick (or asshole? for a more gender neutral qualifier).

    However, that being said the more I think about it…for all I know all chicks act COMPLETELY normal before sex and afterwards 50% freak the fuck out. And it was that prior experience that led you to ask “are you in love” and not some indication of hers beforehand.

    So yeah…I really felt the need to clarify…because as someone with some SLUTmazing tendencies you have to know I’m not judging the sexy time nor the no strings-ish-ness of it. The dick move only comes in when you knowingly risk someone else’s feelings. But…well…see the above paragraph I just wrote. I may have been wrong in the first comment. (I’d like everyone to notice. I can admit when I’m wrong 😉

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  13. Meg says:

    Huh, …
    I feel stupid enough to get no replies from a guy whom i sent an email. I am not 28 yet, so i guess she has to have at least my portion of pride in her gut…

    I was able to stop at this point, but still wanna open his chest and make him eat his heart. Not love, but my pride makes me wanna do that.

    I should have left him unanswered first.

    Shit, shit. but what can i do.

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  14. Terry D. says:

    ah Meg – girl child of the universe….. Imagine the thousand scenarios where your boy got hit by a truck and is lying on a cold marble slab in the county morgue or he’s tending to a sick friend and hasn’t had time to read your email much less respond or he’s a total asshole and you are sooooo much better off without him etc. etc. – my point, little one is simply that these things are not Personal, Permanent or Pervasive. Thank the Is for clearing one more bit of flotsam out of your way to finding what you seek.
    Love is not a pissing contest and not everyone who meets you is obligated to curl up at your feet awaiting your attention. But your heart already knows that right? 😉

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  15. k-dawg says:

    haha I think this is great. Not great that you had to endure it, but great in the sense that there are so many fantastically bizarre people in the world that make story-telling that much more interesting. I had a similar issue with a dude late last year, I was almost certain I’d need to carry pepper spray for the rest of my life after relocating to another country. It happens. People are crazy and some just don’t get it. Rock on, dude, and be careful out there!

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  16. Mike James says:

    Wow dude… thats insane… 450 times? I had that typa thing happen to me a few times… NOT fun… Quick question… you stated in one of your retorts that you have about 20 sources of income… How did you acheive that? Who did you get in with? I was curious as soon as I read it…

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  17. MM
    lovely psychodramatic posts. As a sexist womanist bohemian I say too many chicks don’t understand the all important fact: Men will bang you even if they don’t like or respect you!

    Your point of view though immature, is refreshing and insightful.

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  18. HIlarious! That’s all I can say!

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  19. Gemmabean says:

    I have gone out for an evening completely aware of my intentions…I wanted to get laid! I wasn’t looking for a relationship…I was just horny! Most woman like myself know what they are getting themselves into…a One Night Stand..nothing more! I’ve never gone as far as grabbing a mans crotch but I have flirted and gave off the vibes of my intentions. This girl knew what she was doing. ..PERIOD! It irritates me when woman want to play all stupid and say you treated her badly…hell, I would of been gone before you had a chance to ask my name or for my number! Lol…we’ve all been there..well at least us attractive ones…haha…thanks for sharing and keeping it real!

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