Is he gay? Or does he like you? 25 ways to know for sure

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  1. tomasz says:

    You actually don’t try to make a move on her on the first date or better yet not try to get her to sleep with you.
    .-= tomasz´s last blog ..No such thing as wrong decision =-.

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  2. natural says:

    i guess he’s after your stuff if he simply asks, can i tap that?

    i say make him wait for a long long time. sorry. if he can’t stick around for several months, let him go. that’s just me.
    .-= natural´s last blog ..When Is It (or is it ever) Okay To Lie? =-.

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  3. Mike Masters says:

    @tom funny how the two comments below are so opposed. Giving the same advice but from two extremes!
    @natural wait for several months!! hmmm… don’t think I could ever do that. I would not want to invest the time unless I know I like to drive the car =)

  4. BrainsandBeauty says:

    If I have to “figure it out” I’m not interested… and I agree with Natural, if a guy can’t stick around for several months I let him move on… what I won’t do other females will and that’s okay with me.

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  5. Mike Masters says:

    Are you guys kidding me?? you actually make guys wait a few months? Seriously?? I am not buying it, I think this is an exaggeration.

  6. BrainsandBeauty says:

    Laughing ALLLLL the way out loud that you think this is an exaggeration! When you have as many and as easy options as a woman, a few months is nothing… as far as I’m concerned it’s his treat for loving the chase ;) On my end, I do this to decide if they are worth sleeping with. Have you ever had sex with someone that you later thought, ewww, I can’t believe I let him/her touch me? That will never happen again :|

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    • lawyerchik1 says:

      Exactly. A friend told me once: a woman sleeps with anyone she wants; a man sleeps with anyone he can. This is why, if you want to marry, you make ‘em wait and work for it. Otherwise, you’re trading what you have for something less than what you want, and all you get is screwed.

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  7. Mike Masters says:

    I am being partially antagonistic but I have also never had to wait. Usually I am the one that turns the girl down. ;)

  8. love says:

    Oh well, these are true! I really do some of these when I like someone.
    .-= love´s last blog ..Monday Morning =-.

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  9. BrainsandBeauty says:

    @Mike :/

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  10. Jillian says:

    What I want to know is how many of these I could apply to YOU and how you deal with me? :p
    .-= Jillian´s last blog ..How men respond to large women =-.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Trying to order “The Art of Sexting” from Ireland but can’t because it keeps asking for a post code, which I don’t have. Have typed in n/a and 000 but to no avail and also it doesn’t like the phone number. Have tried it several ways including +353 for the code to Ireland. Any ideas?! Thanks. Lauren

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  12. All guy liking behavior can be linked back to kindergarden. Either (a) runs up and grabs your pony tail or (b) says nothing but stares at you from the jungle gym ;)

    Thought you’d abandoned us, Mike! In the mood for giving advice?
    .-= Lifebeginsat30ty´s last blog ..Dating on Speed =-.

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  13. nandoism says:

    don’t understand how being gay relates to this post?
    .-= nandoism´s last blog ..How I Dealt with a Large Bully in a Bad Wig =-.

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  14. Esme says:

    I stumbled across your site and find it very interesting!
    As a woman who works with all men, and who has the misfortune of living at the firehouse with them, I find a lot of what you have to say is pretty dead-on. But having the unique situation of knowing all the games, I can cut through the bull-shit (which I have found men find quite frustrating!)
    But I have to say…not too many real men left. What happened to them all??
    Love, Esme
    -I hope you don’t mind if I link to your blog? I do love it ;)
    Esme´s last blog post ..Damn ‘Know It All’s

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  15. Anonymous says:

    I was actually pretty confused about my guy. He does half this stuff and says he wants to be friends. It’s pretty fun y because I do the other half and I am a woman.

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  16. Christine says:

    Love #19 with the abused puppy. I laughed so hard while reading that one. Thank you!

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  17. This is the BEST thing Ive ever read on the reality of male goofy behavior. It made me feel good and its all true ! Awesome article xx
    Laura Thompson´s last blog post ..its a lie when republicans perpetuate the idea that poor people are lazy/living…

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  18. SHERRI says:

    He says my name alot… No matter who else is in the room, his chest faces me… Touches the small of my back… Buffalo stance… Raises his eyebrows, briefly, when he sees me… ;)

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  19. JEFF says:

    I was on an elevator (at work) with 2 other guys.
    1 of the guys was close up to the doors and when he got off, the guy left with me reached in his pocket and started rumaging around ‘down there’ with rapid up and down hand movements..
    I tried not to notice but out of the corner of my eye I could see that all the while he was doing that, he was watching me the whole time.
    I know he saw me because (in my opinion) if I saw him then he could see me.
    Part of me tends to believe that he was gay because he didn’t stop when he saw me or said “this isn’t what it looks like’ or waited the 30- seconds until the elevator stopped on his floor and it was odd that the ‘itch’ ( if it was) started as soon as the other guy left.
    I talked to someone straight at work about it and she said that the reason he didn’t say anything was that he probably was embarrassed
    But the same guy would look up everytime (no one else) when I would go up his aisle as I delivered the company’s mail and say HI to the ‘Team Leader’

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