“I caught you putting my bra on while I was sleeping”

Morality and hotness

Penises, wieners and sexting

Obsessed with a cheater and a liar – And she wasn’t even hot!?

You just f*cked my lover! – Should I be jealous?

Choices – The balls or the face?

Why can’t girls ask guys out? The three major reason why…

Should a girl ask a guy out? 13 answers!

Is he gay? Or does he like you? 25 ways to know for sure

I love that she doesn’t put up with my bullshit

Are you always looking for someone better?

What I want for Christmas – Super Powered Love!

Why do men cheat? Why are women such bitches??

Secret signs of attraction 2 of 2

Secret signs of attraction 1 of 2

The book He’s just not that into you annoys the hell out of me

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