Penises, wieners and sexting

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  1. HaI says:

    Nice , mike ! post it in youtube

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  2. Dating Diva says:

    Mike, I swear you are drawn to the crazy girls! LOL

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  3. Mike Masters says:

    She is actually the most stable girl I have ever dated. She just did that for the camera but make no mistake she is dangerous!

  4. Bree Talon says:

    Hi Mike,
    You guys bring up a great point about what cheating is…there seem like a lot of grey areas these days for people but the bottom line is what is okay within your own relationship? Having clear lines of communication open between you and your partner is a good plan! Every couple has different boundaries within their relationship – some people like to swing, some people are much more conservative – but the point is no sneaking around behind the other person’s back – whatever level you do that at, sending pictures, texts or full on physical sex, without your partner’s participation and/or blessing, that’s just not cool.

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