“I caught you putting my bra on while I was sleeping”

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hey you,

    Not only are you cute BUT I LOVE LOVE your site:) Just found it.

    I am a fellow Fashion and Dating Blogger. I am highlighting your site on a post “Guys and Texting“ tomorrow September 27, 2011, you have some really good verbiage on your site and it is so refreshing to get a guys perspective that I would like to share with my readers. I hope you don`t mind me highlighting one of your posts and your site (of course let me know if that is not cool). Thanks Again, Sarah:)

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    • Mike Masters says:

      Sarah, mmmm… that is pushing it a bit but I don’t mind, since the post has been up for a long time and google has indexed it as mine. However, you may not want to do that in the future since google doesn’t like duplicate content and they might put a black mark on your website.
      Also, thanks for the complement, and hope you keep reading. :)
      Take care

  2. “Unfortunately, getting someone back on the line after messing up the balance is like trying to climb a tree upside down. Possible, but probably better not to bother.”

    So so true. Just accept the loss and move on. There WILL be another person.

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    • Mike Masters says:

      I like that line too, I actually took it from one of my books. Wish I could always be smart, but I guess it isn’t so bad to steal from yourself.

      Too bad most of my clients are in emergency mode, rather than asking me how to move on. 90% want to get that person back on the line, and its just not worth it most of the time.

      SSD, haven’t heard from you in a while, how is the blogging biz going?

      • Ahh Hey Mike!!

        Word long time no chatter…I’ve been busy finishing up my 2nd degree, applying to grad schools, writing for another blog in the states called “Jaded Daters”, and pretending to have a life lol. So the blogging biz is good…but a bit stretched thin if I do say so myself…however…today is the day I get back to things and at least start enjoying getting a chance to read the blog’s of others again :)

        How’s the blog/life/book/etc. biz with you?

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  3. Kathy Osborn says:

    Hi Mike,

    I have purchased a couple of your books and really enjoyed reading it. I have dated this guy for almost 5 months now. He is very busy guy but spends his off days with me every single week. (Thurs night, Friday and Saturday all day) But recently he rejected my facebook request. (He is a very private person. His facebook does not have a profile picture and most of his 46 friends are family members.) Shall I be concerned? It seems to me that there is no good reason for him not to accept me. I am not just any girl. Shall I confront him about it or just let it go and respect his decision? Also, do you offer phone consultations for a fee? Please let me know. Thank you!

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  4. ash says:

    I just want to personally thank you for the awesome advice you dish out. When I feel like shit, i just read your blogs and i honestly feel so much better really appreciate it

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  5. LindseyLoo says:

    Hilarious pic. Very insightful. I think women need to understand why men stonewall to make it stop. A lot if times, stonewalling occurs when the other person shuts down. S/he will do that to prevent saying something they’ll regret. Going after the person to talk or nag them will only make them more angry and likely to lash out on their partner. The best thing is to let them be for a bit and talk to them once they’re calm. When people are angry, blood flow shuts off to the critical thinking parts if the brain, which is why people may say things out of haste. Things they’ll usually regret. Well that’s a tangent. Great article though 😉

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