6 or 10’s who gets asked out more often?

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  1. Princess T says:

    Oh my god, you’re right – 4 and 5 are so true! I asked some of my friends and they confirmed: ‘you’re crazy, you get lots of attention, you just ignore it because you don’t like the guys who talk to you! Of course they’re not going to ask you out if you treat them like Mr cellophane.’

    And then my response is ‘but I don’t want them to ask me out…’ And suddenly it’s all so clear!

    I used to have game, but then I didn’t like the game I was playing so I stopped. Now I don’t even know what game is… HAHA looking forward to reading more!

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  2. Mike Masters says:

    funny, glad I hit a soft spot. :)

  3. Mike Masters says:

    out of curiosity, what did you want to hear more about?

    • Princess T says:

      These ‘tools’ you allude to – I mean if we’re all going to take your advice and not ask a guy out, you should at least enlighten us. Even Yoda said more than just ‘use the force’ 😉

      Teach us, oh wise one

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      • Jules says:

        Totally agree with you Princess T. Mike is teasing us with these Tools, so now I want to hear more. It’s not nice to tease Mike! :)

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  4. sarz says:

    Yep, I’m with Princess T .. we want the BIG fish not all the wee ones swimming round. BUT … then whammo, we hook him … for a day or a week or a month. How do we keep him? I am fabulous at scaring them away :( Hope I’m making some sense

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  5. Elissa says:

    I think i need someone to rate me because i don’t know if i’m a 6, 10 or 2 (years of being the ugly duckling will do this to you). I think i act like i’m a 4 though; I’m so flabbergasted when guys pay attention to me i don’t know how to act.

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  6. Rose says:

    I empathise with both Elissa and Princess T.

    I expect I’m like an 8, based on the attention I get. I don’t really agree that average girls get more attention. I think those in the 8 area get the most. We have a few things very right, but enough wrong people still see us as obtainable.

    I think I automatically go for guys on the same level, and strangely, I genuinely don’t see the 10s as more attractive. I like some individuality to a person, and remember the perfect face is technically a blend of averages, so individuality is technically an imperfection. I know a 10 will get more attention from all, but it’s about what my type is. A 10 scoring blond guy with model looks is not as hot to me as an 8 scoring dark haired, brown eyed guy with defined eyebrows (I’m so odd in my eyebrow thing..!).

    In my experience, the 10 scoring males are awful in bed. So damned selfish. The best? Either a couple of 8s I have had great chemistry with, or a 6 who really adored me.

    Princess T is right about the being hit on and not registering it thing. I guess on some level we are aware we can do better so don’t see it as worth registering. Friends, however, comment on my attractiveness and say I’m a “maneater”? I’m a maneater who gets surprisingly few boyfriends. Though I guess I do turn down plenty of unsuitables.

    And Elissa, I empathise, it’s a little confusing. I have a complex about how I look based on the olden days. It’s now occurred that most of the guys who were harsh have now asked me out, well, all those who are now in contact with me. It just freaks me out, and offends me on some level… Since now, I wouldn’t look at them twice, but they still feel in a position to try their luck…

    So Mike, how do you think things are for the 7s and 8s?

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  7. sarz says:

    The ‘league’ and ‘rating’ things are interesting. Sorry Mike if I am going way off topic here but this has happened to me 3x in past year. A pattern? I think at some point I subconsciously became interested in a different “league” of guy (upped the anti so to speak) as before this I was the one ending dates and relationships – just not into them enough. Great, I have met some awesome guys who totally spin my wheels but they lose interest in me by the 8 week mark. I don’t have problems meeting guys and dating – just keeping the one/s I want. Are my expectations too high? Gee, that’s a depressing thought lol

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    • Rose says:

      It’s fine to have standards. I mean some people have plenty of long not very satisfying relationships, me, I end things early or bring them to a head early because I don’t put up with things. Remember, half these people with a string of boyfriends have been doormats putting up with crap. And what is better about having a drawn out thing that will fail, than a short one that is soon over and allows you to get on and carry on finding someone better?
      Don’t let those doormats try and tell you they know best! They do not!

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  8. Kelly says:

    Gathering from experiences and Mike’s previous post about options, the rating system is by and large arbitrary. Having grown up in Los Angeles, safely nestled equidistant from Downtown and the beach, just down the street from the heart of Hollywood, we encounter models, actresses and adult entertainment professionals daily. Prom queens from Topeka, KS are suddenly 7.5’s when they arrive on William Morris’s doorstep. The ubiquity of options out here effectively skews the rating system.

    That said, my friend, D., is the expert at this. She grabs a drink, sits down, makes eye contact with the first tall, well-dressed, handsome fella at the bar. He brings his buddies over and nervously sits down next to us. She flashes a smile and gleefully exclaims, “Hi! How are you?” The guy always ends up getting her number. Even though she initiates, she makes him come to her and ask her out. It’s so simple but it works every time.

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  9. Kyra says:

    I hate that you’re right! Like Princess T said, 4 and 5 are so right. I lack some self-esteem… I’m only starting to realize that I’m pretty based on the fact that other people always tell me I am, but I don’t FEEL it. Because of being attractive (I thought it was because I was defective) and sensitive, things from my childhood and school years made me a very shy, nervous girl who lacks self-confidence. I am a model though, I must be somewhat attractive, and as I said the comments I get, well…

    Guys approach me a lot. I never really thought about it though. If its a guy I know enough to have an interest in… I get really shy. I look down, I get quiet, and I pull back a bit. If its a guy I don’t have an interest in, I look down, I get quiet, and I pull back a bit.

    These guys I don’t have an interest in are always making moves on me, but I don’t realize because I don’t like them. I’m not analyzing their every move to see if they like me like I am with guys that I do like. I don’t notice.

    And then if a guy I did like showed interest in me, well, based on the fact that my behavior is identical to how I behave when I don’t like a guy…… yeah, there’s probably a reason why I haven’t had a boyfriend since the 8th grade, and now I’m a freshman in college.

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