The rules for texting guys part 2 – Don’t make these mistakes!

The rules for texting guys part 1 – Don’t make these mistakes!

How to have the perfect relationship – Trust me, it aint easy…

“I caught you putting my bra on while I was sleeping”

Morality and hotness

Gold digging at it’s finest

Penises, wieners and sexting

Obsessed with a cheater and a liar – And she wasn’t even hot!?

1% of the population is clinically psychotic

Mailbag, I am in love with a Sith Lord…

You just f*cked my lover! – Should I be jealous?

My morality is inversely proportional to her hotness – A cheater’s story

Evil little pussy – A sexual and moral clash

Hookers, Sluts, Morality, and I hate myelf

Good Signs! 15 great guys that you should date

Warning signs – 15 bad boys that you should never date

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